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tv   [untitled]    February 8, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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to be involved because getting street lights maintained and replaced in my neighborhood has been like a nightmare at times and it's my understanding that pg&e is responsible for the large majority kind of in my neighborhood. but some kind of comprehensive strategy so residents like those even on my street who had to wait for many, many months, that there's a clearer way, more transparent and we can address the different issues in all of our neighborhoods. but thank you to supervisor chiu and supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you. and i also just neglected to mention in my initial remarks, and i said this last week and i really meant it, i'll say it again. that we have a terrific capital planning process. it's i think one of the best things that's happened to san francisco fiscally over the last decade in terms of having a ten-year capital plan, a
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catalog of the capital needs of the city, a good plan in terms of how to finance it, when to send bonds out. it is a big improvement over the way we used to do it, which was a little less methodical. so i'm a huge support of the capital plan and capital planning committee and its step. with that said, there are going to be times we have disagreements and ultimately we at the board of supervisors or the mayor, elected policy makers for this city, so, it is natural and appropriate for us to have these kinds of discussions which may at times mean that we have some disagreements. but those disagreements should never be interpreted as criticizing the process because i think that our capital planning process is a good one and i think it's going to be even better now because we're going to add in a full treatment for an additional important city asset. >> thank you, supervisor. colleague, any further initial comments? if not, let's open up public comment. if there are any members of the public that wish to comment on
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these items, this is specifically with regards to the earthquake safety and emergency response bond. please step up. ♪ and i thank you for lighting up our city lighting up our city lights because you light up our city lights you make it bright in case there's an earthquake you light up our days and light up our nights with every flashlight because you make the city so bright ♪ >> any other members of the public want to speak on this item? this is not general public comment. thank you, mr. president. my name is christopher doll and
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this issue has come up several times for me before. i hope part of this bond is to deal with the hall of justice. i have been called to jury duty there next week. i don't know whether i'm going to have to physically show up yet, but that's a possibility. if there's any kind of seismic event, i will be traumatized. so, i hope there is something in the bill -- the bond to deal with this issue. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. i'll address the general obligation safety, right? okay. i remember back in '89 -- excuse me -- the earthquake loma-prieta earthquake and, boy, there's something about an earthquake that really gets your attention. i remember the a's and the giants were playing and all of a sudden, you know, god
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magnified that and we instantly around the world realized we were having an earthquake. i was listening to barbara shim on kfo 560. if we have an earthquake, the new bay bridge is built -- the entire thing comes down. and i don't know if we can do anything about that. but back when we had the quake back in '89, we just had a section of the bay bridge fall down. evidently because of the, you know, all the money involved [speaker not understood], they have their wicked for to bush and policy over there. there's a lot of money involved. it's difficult to stop a project, you know, when so many people are benefiting, you know, by it. i guess the new bridge is, according to barbara simpson on [speaker not understood], you can ask her about it if you think i'm giving you false information. hopefully we can go back to the other bay bridge because [inaudible].
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you know, just go back to the other bay bridge because it seems a lot more securely than this. also briefly, in regards to emergency response, terrorism during the super bowl, that one guy got in. you know we had all these guys supposedly stopping terrorism. one guy mentioned /11 was an inside job. ~ 9/11 he he failed to do the [speaker not understood]. he did a fine job, so, thanks a lot for listening to me. >> thank you. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in public comment on this item? please step up. good afternoon, my name is ernestine [speaker not understood] weiss. and yes, of course, this bond should go forward yesterday. i have been a volunteer for the neighborhood americans in sobs team for a long time when it first started. and of all places, certainly
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they should have earthquake seismic improvements done a long time ago. so, i don't understand why it took so long to get this done, but full speed ahead. >> next speaker. and the public -- >> this is not general public comment. this is earthquake safety and emergency response. next speaker, please. sir? are there any other members of the public who wish to speak in public comment on this item? okay. if not, this hearing has been held and is closed. [gavel] >> i just want to add a quick comment. i want to thank supervisor wiener as well as city staff for their efforts to resolve this issue around street lights which i think we all greatly appreciate for many years that are important to our neighborhoods. i also want to again thank the capital planning committee for their efforts over the past year. and i do hope, colleagues, in the future we will all be able to engage with the capital planning committee so that we
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can make sure that all of our important capital needs are dealt with. and with that, final comments from supervisor wiener? >> yes. first, [speaker not understood] from the puc is here. i want to call him up and make sure that i got it right when i described our agreement. >> yeah, i'd like to thank the supervisor. my name is todd [speaker not understood]. i'm the assistant general manager [speaker not understood] for the public utilities commission. and i'd like to thank all the attention on street lights in particular. as noted here, that increase is roughly a 20-fold increase in the amount of investment. so, through the hard work of the supervisor's office and the mayor's office, we've figured out how to do that. there is a lot yet to do at hetch hetchy. you will hear much more from us in the capital planning process because there are many capital needs. and, so, much more discussion on our [speaker not understood]. >> thank you, mr. reid strom. ~ also i would like to just thank andres power in my office who
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really put a lot of energy into moving us toward this agreement. and then i'd like to move items 16 and 17 and move to table items 18 and 19. >> so, supervisor wiener has made the motion, and i believe that was seconded by supervisor mar. supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i just have a brief question for mr. reedstrom. we're talking about new funding for street lights, [speaker not understood] fiscal year after. what is the source for funding? i didn't catch that. >> the proposed sources for those right now are primarily revenues and reserves. and, so, we'll be looking at that over the next several months. we are having some conditions and some concerns about precipitation as we read in the press. but at this point we feel confident that those numbers
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mentioned by supervisor look good. the needs are greater than that, though. and, so, it will be a balancing act as it always is with that proposed budget. and you'll hear more about that in the may hearing as well. >> great, thank you. could you speak just quickly about what the trade-offs would be in terms of what you perhaps will not be doing? because you mentioned reserves, the reserve would be less. other things you might be doing because we're looking at capitalizing our street lights which i find important. >> over the next couple of years it will be a matter of how much we invest our reserves in capital needs. and, so, longer term we do have some very large transmission and generation work to do up country. but over the next two years in particular, it's really a matter of choosing to invest reserves as well as current revenues and something that is very much needed. >> supervisor wiener. >> again, i just want to stress how important it is for us here
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at city hall to support the puc in addressing its structural funding challenges. has a lot of capital needs, including street light capital needs and other capital needs in the power enterprise. and getting the puc power enterprise more customers, which we have the power to do at this board, will help in that effort, will help generate revenue to support capital needs for street lights and elsewhere. so, there are a lot of projects that come through this board that -- a few of them. we've required as part of the agreement purchase energy from the puc and i think that needs to be more common. we need to make sure the power enterprise is viable and sustainable for the long run and can take care of all of its capital needs including street lights. >> colleagues, on the motion in
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front of us to move forward items 16 and 17 and table item 18 and 19, can we have a roll call vote. >> supervisor mar? >> aye. >> mar aye. supervisor tang? >> aye. >> tang aye. supervisor wiener? >> aye. >> wiener aye. supervisor yee? yee aye. supervisor avalos? >> aye. >> avalos aye. supervisor breed? >> aye. >> breed aye. supervisor campos? >> aye. >> campos aye. supervisor chiu? >> aye. >> chiu aye. supervisor cohen? aye. supervisor farrell? aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. the there are 11 ayes. >> the ordinance is passed on first reading and the ordinance is adopted. [gavel] >> why don't we now go to general public comment, madam clerk. >> at this time the public may comment generally for up to two minutes on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board including those items on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. please note that public comment is not allowed on items which have already been subject to
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public comment by a board committee and pursuant to board rule 4.22, please direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisors nor to the audience. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time. and if you would like a document to be displayed on the overhead projector, please clearly state such to sfgov-tv and then remove the document when the screen should return to live coverage of the meeting. >> let's hear from our first speaker. i would love to say [speaker not understood]. [speaking in native language] madam clerk, ladies and gentlemen, as you know, my name
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abdul [speaker not understood]. for the last 3, 4 years, i would like to present my friend, my family, supervisor, to the tourists. its was one idea i work with now and [speaker not understood] pretty soon. as t-shirt, each one coming to our city, going to have t-shirt have big shirt for every one of you. as example, i tried to put john avalos and david campos like mariachi and our supervisor going to play piano and [speaker not understood]. what that mean? mean everyone coming to the 50 going to have t-shirt and they're going to give their own friend big [speaker not
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understood] for our grateful family and the friend with me. second one, i would like to end the corruption of the homeless people, the stop the people work in the shelter who steal the donation and get it. we give the homeless. ladies and gentlemen, again, happy new year for all of you. i hope that you comings was good idea and i appreciate it. and my supervisor jane kim, fiona ma, including the governor of california for supporting me to make my dream come true [speaker not understood]. thank you, god bless all of you. my name is ernestine [speaker not understood] weiss
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and i'm here specifically to talk about the effects of lighting and not having good lights in this city. yesterday we had a crime committed and two stabbings on the embarcadaro, drumm street and sacramento. that is right in my backyard. i live a block away from sacramento and the embarcadaro. years ago when the embarcadaro was being restylized, i said, put white sodium lights up on the embarcadaro. light it up like daylight so people would be able to come out and be safe. nothing was ever done. here it is years and years later and finally i hear about street lighting. now, the fact is when you light up the streets, it's a crime stopper. criminals don't like the light. they like the dark. pedestrian safety, we wouldn't
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have so many people killed at night because muni doesn't save them. the cars don't save them. it is disgraceful. number three, economics. it's economics, stupid, as they say. people don't spend money if they stay at home and don't come out at night to spend money at restaurants, bars, theaters, and so forth. so, it's about time we did this. it isn't enough. we need much more. david chiu, it's in your district. how about a community benefit district all over the city? we don't have that where they could help with the lighting. 5 to 7 million is inadequate. we need to light up the whole city and priority one is the embarcadaro, market street and van ness. please keep those in mind and do something. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker.
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thank you, ladies and gentlemen of the board of supervisors. i'm here to make a statement regarding the naming of the san francisco oakland bay bridge. i quote, from the california toll bridge authority headed by then california governor frank miriam. resolved that the san francisco oakland bay bridge be dedicated as a lasting memorial to james rolph, jr. this declaration was reaffirmed in 186 at the time of the 50th anniversary of the bay bridge ~ as follows. ~ 1986 it's on a plaque monument here in san francisco at fifth and harrison street. san francisco-oakland bay bridge, a lasting memorial to james rolph, jr., mayor of san francisco 1912 to 31, governor of california 1931 to '34. tireless leader in the city and the state, sunny jim worked throughout his career, crossing the world's largest landmark harbor so the east bay and the
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cities could be linked together with san francisco as one community. the momentum [speaker not understood]. california toll bridge authority, september 7, 1934, rededicated by the citizens of california on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the bridge. november 12, 1986. ladies and gentlemen, what have we done? what are we doing? how can we redress this outrageous dishonor to our late governor? thank you. good afternoon. i'm adrian bosian public affairs planned parenthood at shads that pacific. we're the fourth largest in the country. we serve [speaker not understood] at 25 health centers in 17 northern california counties. we are very proud to be here in san francisco ~. we serve 13,000 clients at two health centers in san
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francisco. and i want to thank supervisor campos and the co-sponsors of today's resolution. i hope i get them all. supervisors chiu, farrell, wiener, mar, avalos, and tang for ~ [speaker not understood], from increased access to aca [speaker not understood].
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and i just also want to note that at planned parenthood, shasta pacific we are very proud to serve everyone including women thor not covered under the aca, undocumented and new immigrant women. so, thank you very much for your support. >> thank you. next speaker. my name is nicole [speaker not understood] and i am the online advocacy manager for planned paren hood shasta pacific. i wish all the supervisors to support the resolution declaring february as women girls and transgender women health month. we me that people of color and young women get a lot of their information from social media. and through this campaign, we can help spread the word using the hash tag, sf women health. as an immigrant and cancer survivor, i know firsthand the challenges that low-income women and women of color face
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when accessing health care and getting the information they need. i'm hoping this resolution passes unanimously today because it will shine a light on the increased health services available through the aca and it will encourage folks to enroll in covered can thev by march 31st. with our community partners and the san francisco board of supervisors behind us ~, planned parenthood will be able to reach more young women, low-income women, transgender women, and women of color on social media. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. hello, my name is felicia alisando. [speaker not understood], pioneer, legend, icon, diva, and a survivor of aids for 27 years. i come to all of you because i don't want to ask for charity
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because i don't need it, but i'm here for the [speaker not understood] memorial campaign. we want and it's been difficult because she died on july 5th of 2011, and we've been working on a street awning for vicky marlene at the 100 block of turk street, the harvey milk democratic club, harvey milk gbt democratic club is a sponsor and we raised over -- almost $3,000. so, we have enough money to pay for the add-on and we've been working with supervisor jane kim and [speaker not understood], but it seems like we're going back and forth, back and forth, and it just doesn't seem to be working. i decided that yesterday -- i called 911 and called the public works and they told me,
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well, you haven't turned in the paperwork. well, we don't know what kind of paperwork they needed. but then i called 311 and got all the information what we need. we've gone to the property owners. we sent them letters. we sent them registered mail, and we have no answer for the property owners that they're interested in this. i don't know if they're not answering, it's okay to go with it or do we need an official yes or no on their plight. i just hope that one of you can step up and let the lgbt and the t no longer be silent. >> thank you. next speaker. thank you, mr. president. my name is christopher doll. i live on howard street and i rise to complete my remarks on the oral and intellectual
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deficits of the american two party system represented by the republitards and the democrats. we have before us members the party of slavery and the party of patrons. on one side we have gender slavers, debt slavers, security slavers, and petroleum slavers. on the other side we have the patrons, the people who say they are going to take care of us, the litigation attorneys who are going to sue the bad guys and give us most of the money. the teachers are going to ask for more money to teach us how to be a success in the world as it was two semesters ago. and the nurses are going to keep us healthy -- as healthy as we can afford and imagine. what can we do? we can seek balance. we can seek a balance in our
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carbon usage, by accounting for that usage and accounting for the sequestration of that carbon. we can call for a new balance of calories with sweat by providing cash rewards for individual achievement of certain health values. we can seek a new balance in the benefits and burdens of society by restoring the universal burden of public service which is to say a civil draft. thank you very much, mr. president. >> next speaker. hello. my name is dr. robert gould. i live in the castro. and for identification purposes only, i worked as a pathologist for 31 years at kaiser in san jose and i'm currently the director of health professional outreach and education for the program on reproductive health
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at university -- ucsf school of medicine. i'm also, however, i'm here speaking on behalf of physicians for social responsibility. i am president of the san francisco bay area chapter since 1989 and currently the president of our national organization and representing thousands of physicians both here in the bay area and nationwide. and i'm here to represent our organization and give strong support and great thanks for the soda tax initiative that a number of you are sponsoring. i think there's been ample evidence given here today about the profound public and environmental health effects of such a measure. i also want to mention in this regard, real applause for the folks who work in the department of public health here in san francisco, for the extraordinary work in outreach they've been doing to communities about this. all of us understand that obesity and diabetes is a very complicated medical issue. there are a number of inputs into that.
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but i think we all recognize the department of public health and our own organization the important role sugar plays in these suites. we want to give unaloe questionvv cal support for this and gratitude and hope you pass this initiative. thank you. ~ >> thank you. next speaker. thank you, mr. president, my name is [speaker not understood], i'm a san francisco native, born and raised here. my father and i who is disabled, we rented our current home and lived close to 20 years, and i'm here to advocate and to ask the rest of the board to do what you can to support supervisor campos in the legislation to increase the reallocation fees that tenants receive when they're being displaced. right now as you know, there is an epidemic in this city and it's alarming and it's increasing and i'm currently
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facing an eviction myself. and i work for a tech company. so, some people say, well, you don't understand the issues. i'd say i understand both sides of the issues. now, the reason this is important -- and i'll give you an anecdotal story -- opposing counsel for my landlord calls me wanting to negotiate and he says, you know, it's really hard for us to give you more money when we're mandated by law to only give you $15,000. if it were higher, we would give it, but it's not so, we don't. opposing counsel for a landlord said that. in addition, the ellis act was enacted 185. it's 2014. ~ 1985 the increase in rent has gone up incredibly, exponentially. all i sd is that we find ways to mitigate the hardships that are placed on tenants, not tenants like me, but tenants who don't speak the language,
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who have been threatened -- sorry, to be threatened that they'll be sent out of this country. again, i just ask you to support -- work in collaboration with campos and coauthors and thank you for the time. >> next speaker. good afternoon, president chiu and supervisors. i want to sing... ♪ city sunday will never be the same the denver broncos lost the super bowl game they'll not be back again when i woke up sunday morning to watch the super bowl game and i watched it all day till it was almost dark sunday will for the denver broncos never be the same they've lost their super bowl game
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and i hope they'll be back again i remember sunday in the city sunshine and half time was fine sunday will never be the same they've lost their football game and not be able to be back again sunday will never be the city same ♪ well, i finally get my vengeance on kfax. on monday the day before the world trade center fell, i called that station to tell them the trumpet would sound but they didn't give me enough time to articulate.


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